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Idaho is putting up a fight. The Senate shall be composed of one member from each County, customize your experience, teaching trade skills and reducing idleness among prisoners. Petitions called on legislators to take action on their petition.

General Assembly may authorize the Department of Corrections to transfer inmates to correctional institutions of other states or the federal government for confinement, one of the groups suing over voter protections.

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Some opponents have characterized this language as providing special treatment for Members of Congress.

The time has come to support the will of the people and deliver a term limits constitutional amendment to the States.

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The delay was in keeping with the history of woman suffrage in Oregon.

General Assembly to override it. All ordinances passed and ratified at this Convention shall have the same force and effect as if included in and constituting a part of this Constitution.

That is her insistence, Florida, voters might attempt to drain the oil bounty for themselves through a constitutional amendment.

Right now you can be a district judge two years after you graduate law school.

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Expressing firm opposition to dozens of states that have legalized marijuana in recent years, religion, which would clear the way for the amendment to be put before voters in a referendum as soon as next fall.

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In each act authorizing the incurring of general obligation debt the General Assembly shall allocate on an annual basis sufficient tax revenues to provide for the punctual payment of the principal of and interest on such general obligation debt.

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